Sunday, 24 June 2012

Featured work - Erhan's Mirage Hobby 1/72 OT-130/2 Chemical Tank

Over at MiniAFV there is a very interesting model, it's the flame thrower version of the venerable T-26 Soviet tank. I recently saw this tank in the Finnish war movie 'The Winter War' ('Talvisota') and so it was great to see this lovely little model featured in-depth on this terrific blog.

Source: MiniAFV Blog
Of course, this is very relevant to my current project - WW2 Finnish Army - as the Finns were quite dependant to the T-26 (in either it's original Vicker's 6 tonne form or captured Soviet variant). Even as late as 1944 the Finnish Armoured Division included T-26s, and despite being obviously obsolete they did see action against the Germans during the Laplap War (1944-45) where the small size of the tank was an actual advantage.>

I don't know much about the flame thrower version - or 'chemical tank' as the Soviets called it - though I know that the Finns captures some of these and used them against their former owners.

Erhan's model is very nice and his posts about the build really give you a good impression of what the Mirrage Hobby model is like (very good as it tuns out). However, one criticism I have is that the Finnish decals are incorrect, the blue Hakenkreuz (Finnish swastika) should actually be black - though the Finnish Air Force of the time did use the blue version.

Check out the excellent photos of this model at the MiniAFV post.


  1. thank you dear friend..:)

    Finnish decals are incorret..a good information, I will not forget...


    1. You are welcome Erhan. You've done a lovely job with this model.

  2. BTW, from finnish wikipedia: Many OT-133 were captured during winter war. In Finland they were modified to gun tanks as flamethrower were seen too hazardous and waste of fuel.
    Sorry :/