Thursday, 7 June 2012

Featured work - Regeln des Krieges foam board buildings

Since my last visit to Bob Peyton's amazing war gaming lair I have been interested in having a go at building a foam board building (or two) of my own. But while there is no lack of inspiration, technically I am a bit lost as to how to start and progress with such a project.

Well, I came across the Regeln des Krieges blog today and the author has done a wonderful series of posts about making foam board buildings from scratch!

His village houses are ideal templates for a D-Day project and are just the sort of dwellings you might see in Normandy. I love the way the modeller has kept everything stripped down and simple - almost like a movie set.

If you follow this link you can track back through his process on the blog: Regeln des Krieges (Rules of War) foam board buildings

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