Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Featured work - Mark Freeth's PSC Russian 45mm ATs

Mark Freeth's photos of the Plastic Soldier Company's Soviet light AT gun set interested me as I have bought these little beauties but haven't painted them yet, so I was surfing about looking for some inspiration and tips. As he points out the PSC AT set is good value for money, especially when you consider all the nice little extras you get in the box (like spent & fresh shells, full & empty ammo boxes as well as three different types of barrels).

Mark doesn't do an in-depth review as such but it's his photos which really tell the story about this PSC set.

I'm making up two of these as part of my Finnish AT artillery contingent - for which you need the middle length barrel (47mm M1942 variant?) - as the Finns captured a great many of these and put them to use against their former owners.

Take a look at Mark's photos - you might also be impressed as I was with the gaming table textures - PLASTIC SOLDIER COMPANY AT THE W.H.C.

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