Friday, 15 June 2012

Featured work - Soviet offensives!

I think it's terrific that around the Internet there are lots of Soviet offensives being planned or under-way.

Here are two items which are equally wonderful examples of some of the wonderful war gamers that are out there and their ingenuity and creativeness. First up is Gunbird's fantastic Soviet decoy gun project...

Photo source: Gunbird

His series of posts - on the '20mm and then some...' blog - describes how he has gone about making these lovely items. They are really impressive and I can just imagine what spectacular props they will make for a war game table (I wonder if there are any special rules for their use?).

Next we have the amazing 'Krisis at Kharkov' game report which is being serialized over at the Megablitz and more blog. As a beginner I am awestruck by the level of detail and planning that is going into this game, not to mention just how much fun it looks!

Above: 'One of the surprises on day one was this impressive Romanian air raid.  Photo by Jim Wallman.' Source: Megablitz and more blog

I am staggered by the expertise which goes into planning and executing such projects - and these are just two of the many Soviet themed war game projects that are going at the moment.

A big thank you to either blog author for giving us such interesting posts, photo rights are - of course - theirs (so let me know guys if you mind my including them on my blog). Links to these blogs are as follows:

> '20mm and then some...' (Gunbird)
> 'Megablitz and more' ( Tom Gow)


  1. KGN has rules for decoy guns and tanks, and I am assuming the future BGK will have rules for this as well as they featured so heavily in Kursk. You won't see them on the table untill the original gun is destroyed, at which point you notify the opponent that the gun was a decoy and remove it. I just choose to replace these instead of just removing the gun. Using decoys is a brilliant way to see a wave of frustration hit the enemy as he has just been wasting valuable firepower destroying a wooden mock-up. Well, I find it fun anyway. And don't worry about reusing the pics, as long as rights are given I doubt anyone would have a problem with it. I know I don't have a problem with it.

    1. That's interesting - I bet that's a big disappointment to the opposition when they discover their target was a decoy! Really would make a game tense.

  2. You are most welcome to use material from my blog ( - and thanks for your kind words about my 'planning' and 'organisation'. The tricky bit is finding a venue, assembling a group of players, sorting catering etc. The game bit is easy!