Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Featured work - Dave's Italeri ISU-122/152s

I've had the Pegasus Hobbies ISU-122/152 twin pack in my stash for a while now, with the intention of making one up as a Finnish example that was captured from the Soviets during the Continuation War. So it was interesting to see a post over on the Plastic Warriors blog showing Italeri's direct equivalent of this quick build set.

It seems a little unusual that two quick build makers cover the exact same subject in the exact same way - providing a 122mm and 152mm ISU option in the same box - and it really makes me want to crack open my Pegasus set to see what, if any, differences there might be between the two.

Check out the rest of Dave's photos of the Italeri versions here: Plastic Warriors - Italeri ISU 122 & 152

Follow up -

Came across this really cool post on the MiniAFV blog where Erhan (the author) puts together the Pegasus Hobbies version of this set...

This post is in Turkish guys, but here's the Google Translated link: Pegasus Hobbies 1/72 "ISU 122 & 152 brothers"(Erhan Atalay) Page 1

I hope my Pegasus ISU-152 turns out this good!


  1. Hi , I think, Pegasus better than Italeri.. (for wargame kit)

    Erhan :)

    1. I started making the Pegasus ISU-122 last night. Familiar stuff if you have already made the Pegasus KV tanks (the chassis and road wheels are the same). It's going to be a BIG tank! :)