Friday, 1 June 2012

Making a gun emplacement - Part 5

While I didn't achieve a finished build in time for the Armourfast Group Build deadline I am still pleased with the way things are going with my LeFH18 gun position. Sorry if I sound a little self-congratulatory but it's nice - and a pleasant surprise - when something you haven't done before doesn't end in complete disaster. This project is actually going as well as I could have hoped - which as a modelling newbie is a happy place to be!

Once again I have used the Citadel scorched summer grass, a nice mixed colour flocking which has some subtle tones of reds and browns in it as well as the light summer green. I've tried to ensure that the tiny stones I carefully placed around the gun pit show though.

Painting the base Pollyfilla 'earth' was pretty straight forward - a mid-coloured base coat of Humbrols' spray buff followed by a wash of a darkened version of Tamiya's Flat Earth followed again by some dry brushing of two tones of lighter mixes of the Flat Earth colour. Really the rough Pollyfilla 'earth' does most of the work by means of it's nice texture.

The logs were a little harder as I have never painted wood before. Again, the base coat was buff to which I applied a dark wash (dark brown) to emphasis the shadow areas. Highlighting was done in two stages with increasingly lighter shades of Tamiya's indispensable Flat Earth and then I touched in some white highlights to try and bring out the grain in my wood skewer 'logs'.

Next: Well I still want to add some more new diorama accessories - like small bushes and brush scrub - and I would like to have a try at adding some moss to the logs!

After that it's back on to finishing of the gun itself with some gentle weathering and then I have the scary bit (for me) which is painting the crew!

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