Monday, 22 September 2014

Quick model 1939 Chevrolet conversion - Part 1

My brace of Valiant resin Ford V3000s...Can I make a Chevy '39 from one of these?
I'm on a bit of a mission now to complete as many of the Finnish trucks I need for my Continuation War project. So, I decided to put together some parts I had laying on my workbench as an exercise in building a 'quick' (for me) model.

What I'm doing is taking one of the Valiant resin 'ready to roll' Ford V3000s I bought and slapping my resin Chevy 39 bonnets on it. Bang! Model 1939 Chevrolet.

I made these 1939 Chevy bonnets, can I get one to fit onto a Valiant model truck?
Technically this should be a pretty easy project - how many times have I said that though? I just saw the existing Ford bonnet off my resin Valiant model and replace it with the resin Chevy bonnet I made. So, first things first, lets get the Dremmel out and begin Frankensteining  this baby!

As well as cutting off the truck bonnet I also started removing the integral resin base. I'll be converting the truck's cab into one that has interior detail (like I did with my 'Quick Valiant Ford V3000' project).

I'm going to try and improve on the way I modified the last Valiant Ford conversion I did. I think I can make a better job of removing the integral resin base while leaving more of the chassis detail. I also want to excavate the cab interior by going in through the bottom of the model (rather than simply drilling out the upper cab like I did with the 'Quick V3000' I did).

In a way this was the easy bit. Tidying up the jagged join will be a bit harder.
Fitting the Chevy bonnet on was easy enough, I just kept chipping away until I got teh two parts to fit. But there will still have to be a fair bit of Milliput putty work to mate the two parts together so you can't see the join.

Next: Excavating the cab interior.

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