Sunday, 21 September 2014

ModellTrans Modellbau Ford V3000 conversion kit - Part 5

Base coat time!
As usual I have given the truck a quick spray of Humbrol's Acrylic 'Light Olive' paint. I've pretty much settled on this colour for al my Finnish models as it's a good medium hue that can be darkened or lightened to suit. Finnish references mention a 'Moss Green', but picture references and even museums seem to differ on what exactly that was - it swings widely between Russian Green and a faded olive.

It's an interesting point that you can't always trust museum exhibits for colour reference as they have invariably been repainted over the years. This is particularly true of Finnish WW2 vehicles, some museum examples have decidedly inaccurate paint schemes. I just try and be consistent.

The other item that needed some work this morning was the canvas 'tilt' cover (does anyone know why they call these covers 'tilt' covers) as the Italeri donor cover was exceedingly devoid of detail. I decided to follow the technique I used while doing my German Army Truck project and add extra material folds and texture using metal foil tape...

I really like this stuff and a big thanks goes to my big brother who sent me this stuff!

Next: Base coating the tilt and flatbed and satin glossing the whole model prior to pin-washing.


  1. Looking good Stephen.

    tilt (tɪlt)

    1. an awning or canopy, usually of canvas, for a boat, booth, etc

    2. (tr) to cover or provide with a tilt

    [Old English teld; related to Old High German zelt tent, Old Norse tjald tent]

    1. Blimey! You learn something new every day!

      I was a bit annoyed with this one because the resin can was broken when I got it and also because there were no instructions about how to do the conversion but it's starting to come right. Well as right as my stuff gets anyway! :)

      Thanks Paul.