Tuesday, 2 September 2014

1/72 Ford van - exciting model from Minairons

A van? Exciting? OK, so maybe if you are Derek Trotter the thought of a shiny new(ish) van might get your blood pumping, but really, as a military vehicle the idea of 'a van' just doesn't sound all that great does it?

Well think again chaps. Minairons - who specialise in Spanish Civil War models - are about to release a wonderful inter-war Ford AA van and this is such an unusual subject that I for one think it is very exciting! Obviously how excited you will be will depend on whether your area or period of interest includes the need for some pre-war commercial vehicles.

The Model AA Ford trucks were built from 1927 to 1932 but in huge numbers and exported - and licence build - in various countries. It was built in a wide variety of formats, from standard falt-bed truck to 'funeral coach' (hearse) and from a box van to ambulance - and it is the latter that Minairions have modelled. (One interesting point to remember is the the Ford AA was the basis for the Soviet built GAZ AA series of trucks which were built well into the 1940s.)

Obviously, from a war game point of view these 1930s Ford vans would make for some terrific pieces if your are in to either inter-war conflicts or early WW2 scenarios. I imagine the Very British Civil War enthusiasts will be snapping them up as commercial vehicles pressed into militia service.

Beautifully painted by Rubén Torregrosa, Minairon's Ford AA van can be made
into an ambulance by adding the included side window panels.
From my point of view, and you can probably guess my intensions, I will be using these as Finnish Army vehicles for my Continuation War project. Commercial vehicles were the mainstay of the Finn's motor pool and although I don't have any reference photos showing the Ford AA van in use by the Finns you can imagine this is just the sort of light commercial vehicle they would have used.

I need two such light vans, one to use as an ambulance (although the Rapid Fire rules don't require that such an auxilary vehicle be used as part of the game) and another as a radio van for my forward observers to use (RF mentions the use of a car in this role, but they say tomatoe - I say tomato)!

So, there you go - a lovely little model which will be available from mid-September - I'm afraid I don't have any idea what the price will be as yet, but expect a review of this kit as soon as it is on the market.

Official Minairons web site: www.minairons.eu/en/

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