Monday, 29 September 2014

ModellTrans Ford V3000 - Part 7

Dust and pin wash...
Others will have their process, but I have settled on giving my trucks a dusting of 'dust' (Vallejo's Model Air Sand Ivory), just on the lower surfaces. This is supposed to represent the build up of dried mud dust...

Next I apply my pin wash using - the usual - AK Interactive's Dark Brown Wash for Green Vehicles. As you can see from the above photo this picks out the panel line detail that the layer of 'dust' slightly obscured.

Chippings and scratchings!
Next stage is the application of scratches and chips. I do this with some Vallejo's German Grey (995) in tiny spots and streaks. Occasionally I join up the dots to make some larger wear and tear to the paintwork on areas which would have seen a lot of use, near the edges of doors and on vulnerable parts of the fenders and bumpers.

Tiny scratches. They never look good real close up like this, but the effect is
ok at a distance. I'm trying hard not to over-do the effect.
Well, another stage in the weathering done. Despite the fact I am trying to develop a process for weathering my vehicles I do find that I sometimes revisit effects as I go along so in the end it's not a formulaic technique where I stick rigidly to my numbered steps. As you add layers of effects you sometimes tone down or obliterate effects you did at the last stage, so you might need to touch up as you go along.

One of the things I had to do at this stage was draw back in the door frame seam as the repair I did to the cab roof supports at the beginning didn't include these thin seam lines. I did this with a thin paint brush and dark grey paint.

Next: Rust and fuel streaks and then the highlighting.

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