Saturday, 13 September 2014

And sometimes I just get it plain wrong...

History is difficult - even for model makers!
One of the reasons I like model making is that it involves - like it or not - a bit of research. I like research, maybe that means I am an inherently 'nosey' person, as I find nothing more relaxing than spending time trawling though books and websites for tidbits of useless information!

This is where I was with my MT V3000. I had started to make a new shaped fender using
Milliput putty to make the truck look more like the American version of the V3000.
However, this can be a double edged sword. Take my ModellTrans Ford Werkes V3000S conversion project - I had stated that I needed to further convert this conversion because 'it was the wrong type of V3000' truck (the German made one and not the American one as used by the Finns in WW2).

Well...I was wrong. (Or at least right and wrong.)

While researching another Finnish army vehicle I accidentally came across a photo in the fantastic SA KUVA archive that completely disproved my contention that the Finns *only* used the American production model of the V3000 truck. While initially in the war the Finns did source their V3000s from America (before they 'changed sides' and joined the Axis in 1941) they later received German-made V3000s as part of a delivery of equipment from their new best buddies, the Nazis.*

* (It's a complicated story, which I am just reading about in Henrik Lunde's history 'Finland's War of Choice: The Troubled German-Finnish Coalition in World War II'.)

From the SA KUVA archive - this photo shows a long convoy of German-made
Ford V3000s - part of a purchase - I believe - that included StuG III assault guns.
This enlargement clearly shows the features which mark this out as a later model
German Ford Werkes V3000 - note the single piece windscreen and 'flat' fenders.
Anyway, the point is 'never say never' - someone is bound to come along and make you look an ass.

So the Finn's did have German V3000s, which means I don't have to convert my HobbyTrans conversion into a shoddy take on the American production model truck...Bugger (or 'hooray')!

Luckily the Milliput just peeled off, it doesn't melt and stick to surfaces like
poly glue does. So it was a case of just chipping the hardened putty off.
Off with the Milliput - luckily I only had time to modify one of the fenders and the Milliput chipped off the resin model quite easily as it was applied to a smooth surface and so didn't 'glue' itself to the model.

Phew! Back where I started, now I can get on with finishing this model.
So there you go. Proof, were proof needed, that I ain't as clever as I thought I was. A big thank you to the chaps at the Axis History Forum who have been a big help in my research of things pertaining to  the Finnish Continuation War and put me on to the photo I found at SA KUVA.

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