Wednesday, 24 September 2014

ModellTrans Modellbau Ford V3000 conversion kit - Part 6

Weathering - Stage 1: Oils.
I'm slowly improving I think, or at least I am feeling a little more confident about my painting. So much so that I thought I would finally get around to weathering my 'Cheap Ford V3000' conversion. This was one of my early projects which was put on hold until I felt I could do a adequate job of the weathering, which I think I can now.

Weathering with oil paints. A cheap and cheerful but effective technique. Don't
bother with expensive artists oils, I bought mine from a discount store.
So I decided to weather my first V3000 along side my latest V3000 and in doing so I think I am starting to develop a strategy for my weathering.

Having base coated my truck with the usual Humbrol Light Olive I then gave it a light varnish with a satin coat (I always feel that vehicle paint has a slight sheen to it which I think satin varnish captures nicely). The model is now ready to weather, and here's my process (for Olive vehicles):

1. Streak and stain - using oil paints.
2. Dust - with a light airbrushing of an appropriate dust colour.
(Also, mud effects on structure or hard to get places like the chassis or under mud-guards.)
3. Pin-washing - using AK Interactives Dark Brown Wash for Green Vehicles.
4. Chip & scratch - using dark grey or metallic grey.
5. Rust and oil fuel streaks - using AK Interactives washes.
6. Highlighting.
7. Graphite powder and pencil - to give metallic scratches and sheen.
8. Finishing off with surface mud streaks.

-- I tend to varnish between stages to protect the work I already done. --

I quite enjoyed adding oil weathering to my toolkit of techniques, it's quite a forgiving and can be corrected with a quick wipe with a spot of white spirit. Here's a nice video which explains the procedure if you are a beginner like me...

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