Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Minairons 1/56 1937 Chevrolet truck - coming to 1/72 scale

Very, very chuffed that Minairons have now released their 1/56 1937 Chevrolet 1.5 ton truck kit, not that I 'do' 1/56 (yet) but because they are now working on a 1/72 version of the wargame quality kit.

The '37 Chevy truck is yet another vehicle that was pressed into service by the Finns during WW2 (as if their motor pool wasn't eclectic enough).  The 1/72 version should be released in 2015, which is great for me as that should come out just in time to finish off my Finnish logistics collection.

Finnish war correspondent hitches a ride on a '37 Chevy's running board
in 1941. Photo source: SA KUVA

Photo source: Minairons Miniatures

I am becoming a bit of a fan of Minairons Miniatures, even though I haven't bought a single model of their yet. The specialise in Spanish Civil War era models and they don't seem scared to try out some of the more niche and exotic vehicles times from that period. The good thing about this is that much of their stuff fits nicely into the Very British Civil War genre.

Scottish Republican artillery for VBCW game.

As I mentioned in a previous post they have actually produced a set of fictional 'Scottish Republican' decals for some of their vehicle kits specifically for the VBCW game. So the next project after I eventually finish my Finns is taken care of then!

- Minairons official web site and online store: www.minairons.eu/en/
- Minairons official blog, development journal and 'wish list' pages

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