Thursday, 31 July 2014

On holiday for two weeks!

Well, it's summer vacation time! So I will not be updating the blog for a couple of weeks - instead I shall be soaking up the sun in Italy.

I thought I would leave you with this minor update of my Pegasus German Army Truck project. I've been working on the second of the two trucks from the kit, this time I thought I'd try out a new type of camo scheme - which I call 'grey squiggles'! (I'm sure the Germans had a better and more marshall sounding name for it.)

I'm masking out the camo scheme using BluTack pieces. My airbrush isn't good enough to paint on the camo 'squiggles' freehand, so I am having to resort to masking instead. Pity - I could have probably have done it freehand on a 1/35 scale model but not at this smaller scale.

The idea is that I mask out this light grey coat using the blutack pieces and then spray the darker German Tank Grey coat over the top of everything. Hopefully when I remove the blutack I will be left with light grey 'squiggles'. In theory! :)

Hope you all have a enjoyable couple of weeks, I look forward to reading up everyone else's blog posts when I return. Bye for now.


1 comment:

  1. Stephen,
    now that looks a promising camo. Is it the quite known "Wurm Tarn" :-) ?????
    Cheers, Sir, have a nice time in Italia.