Monday, 21 July 2014

Weekend update - slow progress

Not that much going on this weekend, it's flown by really so there hasn't been that much model making. However, I did manage to finish off the base coats on two of my projects ready to start the detailed painting.

First off is my 1/300 LAGG-3, this is a new experience for me as it's a completely new and tiny scale but also because I am painting the plane exclusively with brushes. I was a bit worried whether I could achieve a smooth enough finish...

Meanwhile, I had a second project on the go based on my Pegasus German Army Truck set. I'll be doing a full report on this kit later, but this particular build is for my Bolt Action project.

The main challenge for me with this one is to produce an acceptable WW2 German three-colour camouflage suitable for the Normandy campaign. This includes the application of a base coat of the rather startling 'Dunkelgelb' (dark yellow), the practicality of which escapes me!

It's a pretty, if somewhat basic, kit but is perfectly suitable for it's intended use as a wargaming toy.

And that's it really. Pretty disappointing but just goes to show that I do - in fact - have other interests I suppose. Hopefully I will get these two projects finished off this week, but the more summery the weather get's the harder it is to concentrate on these indoor pastimes.

1 comment:

  1. Good progress on both kits.

    Re: Dunkelgelb. It does seem strange but the colour does tend to blend in most terrains. The shape is easy to break up once the base coat is applied by just adding a darker pattern to suit.

    We went from dark green to Dunkelgelb in the early 90's for most of our field vehicle fleet. Look at these Unimogs in a park.