Monday, 28 July 2014

Scotia Grendel 1/300 LAGG-3 - Part 3

Funnily enough this is the part of the project I haven't been looking forward to - applying the decals.

I suppose it should be one of the easier parts of the job - maybe - but I find the Finnish emblems quite tricky to apply so they look 'straight'. The Finnish hakenkreuz never seems to line up properly (for me anyway), and no sooner do I get one of the 'arms' of the swastika lining up with one part of the wing or whatever than it you notice it looks out of line with another part.

The painting was very enjoyable. Though one of the foibles of working with a white metal models seems to be that there is no such thing as a smooth flat surface!

No matter how hard you try to paint a straight line the imperceptibly undulating metal surface causes your line to look 'wobbly'! In the end you learn to compensate by painting counter wobbly lines, which seems to even things up nicely.

I'm also pleased with the olive green colour - which is Revell's 361 Olive Green - as it isn't as flat as some of Vellejo's olive greens. It's nice and rich.

The windows turned out OK, I went for the simple option and just outlined a Vellejo's (961) Sky Blue with some plain white. I didn't even bother blending the white in for a gradiated look.

Finally, I hate yellow! I've been using Valleho's (953) Flat Yellow but it's a horrible consistency and takes a few thin layers to build up a decent rich yellow. I found myself continually going back and touching up parts of the yellow theatre panels. Worst bit of the job.

Hey ho. Nearly there - and as I said, on the whole it's been a really nice relaxing little diversion. Next I have to decide if I am adding a transparent plastic 'propeller' disc and attach the stand.


  1. Thats come up a treat Stephen. Nice one!

    1. Many thanks Paul. Really was fun to do...Just as well as I have another 8 to do!!! :D