Monday, 14 July 2014

1/300 Aircraft - Featured work

As I'm new to this 'micro-scale' modelling stuff I thought it a good idea to look around and see if I can find good examples of what can be achieved in this scale so I have a 'bar' to aspire to. It didn't take me long to find some excellently painted 1/300 aircraft models and to realise that I have a lot to learn about painting in this tiny scale!

Featured 1/300 aircraft 1 - 'Matchstick Fleet' by Phil Warren

Incredibly all these planes have been scratch-build out of carved
matchsticks and painted by Phil.

Phil Warren's work is an extreme example of what's possible, but here's another example that's done using commercially available models...

Featured 1/300 aircraft 2 - 'Fitzkrieg!' by Fitz

Yikes! Well, this is a very high bar indeed with some superb painting - and they are even doing the aircraft markings and identification lettering as well!

I'm not sure I am up to that but we'll see how my LAGG-3 turns out in comparison - oh my poor eyes!

Links to featured work:
> 'Matchstick Fleet' by Phil Warren
> 'Fitzkrieg!' by Fitz

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