Saturday, 3 May 2014

Minairons 1937 Chevrolet truck to come in 1/72

Oh I'm so easily pleased! Some news put a big smile on my face as it will add even more variety to my Finnish Army transport project.

As you may know - if you've been following my progress - things are going quite slowly with this project because I am trying my best to add trucks to my transport pool that are indicative of the eclectic hotchpotch of 'pre-war' commercial makes and models that the Finns used. Because these are sometimes rarer truck types they are sadly not represented in plastic kit form, but I have been persevering.

So imagine the joy when Minairons responded to an emailed plea for them to reproduce their 1/56 1937 Chevrolet 1.5 ton truck in 1/72 scale - the response was positive and they confirmed that they will indeed be re-scaling the model for the smaller scale!

Oh joy! This should finish off my truck inventory very nicely indeed. :)

Minairons web site:


  1. Hey, maybe they'll do a '39 as well and the rest of us can have our cake and eat it without putting in the same amount of work you had to :D

    1. LOL! Can you imagine! I just finish that conversion and someone brings out a Chevy '39....Du-oh! :D

    2. Given Minairons admit they want to expand their range by far more than their sales can, thus far, support; Unless it gets pushed back to the bottom of the pile like the Nimrod conversion (or did you finish that and I just missed it...?) you're likely to get a bit of mileage out of your conversion before there's any threat from THAT quarter at least!