Wednesday, 28 May 2014

German Squad B - test figures

For my second squad of Germans I am trying out the painting techniques featured in Issue 1 of  the 'Painting War' magazine. It's a bit more convoluted than the method I used with my initial squad, in fact it's almost the reverse procedure working, as it does, from a dark base coat to light - whereas I worked from a light base coat to dark!

At this point I am about halfway through the process (yes, just halfway) of painting the uniforms! There are more intermediate paint layers in this method than my simplified one - 6 shades as opposed to my triad of shadow/target/highlight. I am already a bit skeptical - but I guess this is the length to which top-class figure painters go to at this scale...Is it worth it for wargaming I have to ask?

As before I have gone for a rather 'shabby' look with my Germans, using a hotch-potch of mis-matched jackets and trousers colours. I really want a war-weary look rather than pristine parade ground uniform ensemble.

And also just as before, my variations on 'Field Grey' center around Vallejo's 920 German Uniform, 830 Field Grey and I am trying out 979 German Camo Green. All green tone themes, but going darker and lighter. While drab and subdued it still should make these figures suitably distinct from the colour scheme I am using for the Americans I am putting up against them.

At this point I am thinking my way was certainly easier and I think this method is a bit of overkill for 20mm figures and was really intended for the larger 28mm figures that are used for Bolt Action.

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