Friday, 23 May 2014

Bolt Action DIY Order Dice - German

Piddling about with those dice again (by the way, why do they call them dice, because you don't roll them), this time I'm working on the design for the German set. I've come up with two designs, a subdued design and a high contrast design...

Printing onto glossy paper is a real pain in the ass as the colours never turn out quite how they imagine they will. The subdued design is supposed to be a mid grey - so you can see the German across faintly in the background - but instead it's turned out to be this rich dark-bluish tone (so sorry if you've downloaded my file for this and found it to be too dark).

Funnily enough I now like the high-contrast version I did with the red background.

I think what I will do if design a lighter grey version of the subdued design OR issue the file as a Photoshop .psd so people can alter the darkness or the design themselves to suit their particular printer/paper combination.

I think I might make a full set of the red labels for my Germans.


  1. Hi Steve. I like the idea of these. Getting sick of all the loose little markers I'm using in FoW. I'm enjoying your blog. I have nominated you for an Liebster award. It helps promote wargaming and modeling blogs:

    1. Hi Herman! Thank you very much! :)

      I guess I just got slightly annoyed at the price that was being charged for 'official' accessories. I know people have to make a profit to then develop the product more - which helps the customer - but there are some really pricey items out there that some people seem to think they have to have to play the game.

      Loved your game report! Excellent stuff.

  2. How well do you think your templates would work with a clear label? Also when are you going to post your other endeavors for the other countries?

    1. Clear labels? Hmmm - that's an interesting thought. Obviously with clear printing the main problem is white - unless you have one of those expensive printers for decals that print white. There are ways to get round that - just design without white! (Which - as a graphic designer - is a challenge but not impossible by any means.)

      On other countries: Yes, I will post up as and when I do other nations. On the drawing board are; Finland (of course), Britain, Poland, Belgium and then whatever takes my fancy.

  3. Hiya mate, you sent me a link to the US design over on the Warlord Bolt Action forums but I can't find the thread! I'm sorted for the US but was hoping for a link to the German ones ... have you uploaded it yet?