Monday, 12 May 2014

Bolt Action - DIY Order Dice complete

Although the sticky label method was a quick and easy way to make the labels for my dice I wasn't happy with the quality of the finished print. The label paper isn't a smooth medium and also absorbs the ink making the design look washed out. So I decided to revert to the simple way of making the labels using an ordinary glossy photo paper.

So having printed out the dice labels I had to chop up the sheet and then start the job of gluing them - using PVA - to the plastic dice (I'm making two sets, one for my brother and one for me)...

Here you can see the difference in quality between my original idea - using sticky labels - and the photo paper version...

I did have to adjust the colour of my design slightly to work with the gloss paper but the end product looks richer and sharper...

I'm quite pleased with these really - dare I say I *think* they are a little more attractive than the proper dice (which are a lot more expensive). Plus I get to have customised designs which are a bit more recognisable as belonging to the national army that they are supposed to represent.

Now I'll have to do the order dice for my Germans! :)

FACE-PALM UPDATE: Just had a message from a reader asking 'why didn't you just use double-sided sticky tape instead of PVA?' ....Er, 'Du-oh'! :)


  1. Any chance of you making public you templates for the dice?

  2. (Sorrry if this is a double post-wanted to make sure it got through) Love the dice! Any chance you will allow your templates to be used by the public?

  3. Any chance you could make the these a bit greener? I had the same problem when I printed them out on sticker paper. They are more yellow than green. Thanks. Love the work you have done. Received my dice, and can't wait to put them together.