Sunday, 11 May 2014

The Yanks are coming - revised colours

Unhappy with PSC's suggested colours scheme for their Late War American infantry I decided to take the advice of one of my readers and reverse the colours! Originally PSC had advised that Vallejo's Stone Grey (884) be used for the American's jacket and that Buff (976) should be used for teh webbing and spats - I swapped these around...

The new colour scheme for my Yanks - behind them you can see my two
original test figures in PSC's recommended uniform scheme.
Another thing I am continuing to experiment is the black outlining that I tried out with my original test figures. This feels very strange to someone with a classical art training - I remember vividly an early art class where I was admonished by a teacher for using heavy outlines!

However, the consensus of opinion was that the test figure that I used this technique on was the better of the two. Who am I to ignore the democratic process? :)

Once the 'comic book' outlining was done I started to blend in paint in order to make this aggressive shading less harsh...

On the left my original attempt at painting and outlining, on the right my
latest go. A bit tidier this time. Practise makes perfect (eventually) I guess!
The new revised colours are now closer to what I think were - historically - the right ones (referring to my Osprey reference book).

I still have to finish the shading off but I'm happier with the scheme now and will roll it out across the rest of my squads. Incidentally, the problem I had with the trousers colour - US Field Drab (873) - seems to have been in some small part to do with the white primer I used on my first two test figures. This time, with a grey primer, it went on as intended.

Next: Well, not much for a while - I want to finish my first set of Germans first!

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