Saturday, 3 May 2014

Featured work - WWII British Para

I'm afraid I haven't been able to discover the name of the young lady who does this awesome painting tutorial but I just had to feature this. Here she is painting a figure from the popular Bolt Action 28mm British Para range...

Quite apart from her impressive painting talent she is also obviously knowledgeable in military uniform history as she correctly identifies - and uses the correct terminology - for WW2 British equipment that a lot of Americans are not normally familiar with.

My only criticism - aside from the bayonet issue which she mentions - is that she falls into the trap of making the 'Red Beret' too bright (it should be maroon). But - as I am discovering about painting for tabletop war games - this may be exaggeration for effect (but I'd still prefer it a tad darker).

Incidentally, I have been looking at 28mm Bolt Action - mulling over whether I fancy having a go at a small army in the larger 'intended' scale - and I was impressed by their 'Polish Airborne' range (same British uniform as the Para featured in the video but with Polish berets).

Anyhoo...Very nice tips and some stuff which reinforces what I am starting to learn myself. Excellent stuff.

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