Thursday, 1 May 2014

Opponents for my Germans - the Yanks are coming!

Naturally, my Bolt Action Germans will need someone to oppose. I chose PSC's Late War Americans - I can't really give a reason why...I did used to like the TV series 'Combat!' when I was a kid!

Sal Mineo (left) and Vic Morrow as Chip Saunders from the television
program Combat! A 1960s TV favorite of mine. Photo: Wikipedia.
The set has 57 figures (for about £10) with all the usual WW2 US Army weapons, although I was a bit miffed that there was no M1 Carbine or 'Grease Gun' SMG. Though one positive this set has over my PSC German infantry set is that it does include a sniper figure. Here are a couple of example figures...

I won't do a full review here at the moment, but I will say that - as with the PSC Germans - despite being described by PSC as being 'Late War' infantry I'd say that PSC has hedged its bets a little here and chosen a uniform which *I believe* is a bit more 'mid war'. But the short ‘M1941’ Parsons field jacket - which ALL the PSC American figures wear - was worn during the Normandy campaign as well (Osprey 'The US Army in WW2 (3)', plate B1).

Never the less, by the time operations moved out of France (and certainly by the winter's 'Battle of the Bulge') these uniforms become less relevant. So 'late war' is a bit of a misnomer.

Generally, while crisply moulded, I don't think PSC's Yanks are as good as their Germans.

...So, it's off to my local store on Saturday to buy the suggested Vallejo paints. But it will be a while before I get around to doing anything but a test figure or two as I already have a full modelling schedule.


I got curious and did some searching on YouTube and was delighted to find ALL the original 'Combat!" TV shows!

Above all I remember the brilliant title graphics and theme tune (which I liked nearly as much as I like the theme-tune from 'Hogan's Heroes').

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