Friday, 11 May 2012

PSC T-34/85 basic paint coat

I'm almost reticent post my latest T-34/85 work after featuring that wonderful T-34/85 yesterday, but here's my feeble attempt at the same tank anyway...

Once again I have used Humbrol's 'Dark Green' spray as the base for this Finnish themed model. It's a bit of a funny colour to photograph as it always photos lighter than it seems to the naked eye. The other minor fubar I had was that I accidentally sprayed the tracks gloss black instead of matt black by mistake!

The track painting mis-hap isn't really serious as the back is only the base for my rusty weathering, but even so I was a bit annoyed with myself (never spray late at night when you are tired)!

On the plus side the cast metal turret effect looks OK now it has a coat of paint...

NEXT: Masking up for the camo scheme

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