Sunday, 27 May 2012

Making a gun emplacement - Part 1

Integral to my 105mm LeFH18 howitzer build - part of a group project on the Armourfast forum - was the intention of making a base for the model, a sort of mini-diorama. Although there is a train of thought that says artillery pieces for war games shouldn't have a base I was persuaded to the contrary by the argument that although not basing a gun means you can fit it 'anywhere' a gun shouldn't be able to go 'anywhere'.

Anyway, suffice to say that my interests in modelling still lay half-way between display modelling and war game modelling, so this is a hybrid project.

I have decided to model a make-shift gun emplacement made from logs, typical of the sort of quickly constructed emplacements that might have been found in the forest battlegrounds during the Finnish campaigns during the mid-late WW2 period. It will give me some much needed diorama practice and make a nice simple little display.

Luckily for me a modelling blogger called Gunbird has created a really informative tutorial on making log bunkers which is an ideal starting point for my project, you can find it here: 20mm and then some blog… Tutorial - Log MG Bunker

I've cut a 9cm x 9cm square piece of black plasticard to act as my base and, as it happens, I came across a pot of Vallejo's 'Black Lava' in a local store so we will see how that product works compared to Pollyfilla.

By the way, the crew you see are figures from HaT's WW1 Austrian artillery figures set, the closest figures I have found that will make do for a summer uniformed Finnish gun crew.

Next: Building the bunker

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