Monday, 28 May 2012

Making a gun emplacement - Part 2

Time to play with sticks! I'm using a mixture of wooden BBQ skewers and cocktail sticks for the different thickness of logs, the skewers have a nice wood grain in them that should paint up well.

Following the pattern set by Gunbird in his tutorial I made a wall using the skewers and then secured them upright by using the cocktail sticks as stakes. I have probably gone a bit over the top but it's a fun experiment and it'll be nice to see what I can do with this when I make the earth works to make this more 'bunkerish'.

My crew still have to be modified and painted and I am just using three, which isn't a lot but I believe this is the norm for war games. Besides space is a bit cramped for a full historical simulation of a real gun crew and all their associated nick-nacks.

Next: The earth work and gun weathering.


  1. Wonderful project!
    The size of a gun crew, or any unit for that matter, will vary depending on which game you are playing and at what scale that game chooses to represent men and materiel.
    One game may represent an entire battery of guns with a single gun and a few figures.
    Another rule-set may represent everything on a one-for-one basis, so you would try to place a full crew on a base like this.
    When you put in the effort to do good work, like you are doing, think about the future; you will likely use your minis with multiple rule-sets. Go for a representation that looks good, and one that sets a pace you can keep up. Wargames need lots of nice kit to play with!

  2. Only took me 3,5 years to find this, glad you found my tutorial useful :) You make it look good.