Friday, 18 May 2012

Blog update

Dear friends, I've been very surprised to see that there are more and more people visiting my daft little blog every day. Honestly, many thanks for putting up with my moans and groans as I feel my way around in the world of small scale military modelling.

Because I never thought more than a couple people would be interested I have greatly neglected my blogs organisation, so some of my menu ideas and index of posts are not up to date. I hope to start updating and improving the blog over the next week, making it - hopefully - easier to find the posts you are after.

Again - a big thank you for visiting, I know who a few of you are because you have left comments and are following this site but to the rest of you I can only say that I really appreciate your patronage.

Have a great weekend and happy modelling!

Steve the Kitnoob

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