Saturday, 7 November 2015

November's stash additions - Part 2

Well, that was quicker than I thought! All the way from Spain comes this wonderful 1/72 Minairons 1937 Chevrolet 1.5 ton truck...

I really quite like Minairons, they are producing a lot of interesting 'inter-war' models that no-one else is doing (in a variety of scales). The downside of this is they are a little pricey for what they are - they are simplified 'war game quality' kits, easy to put together and minimal parts yet this lovely '37 Chevy cost me £10.67 and then I took a big hit on postage as well.

Still, it gives me a unique little vehicle for my Finnish collection...

Source: SA-Kuva
In the above photo (take in 1941) a Finnish Army '37 Chevy makes it way over a temporary bridge. What's particularly interesting about this photo is that the vehicle has been given a camouflage paint job and it has night driving indicators (the white panels on the fenders and bumper). This is a bit more organised than earlier examples of Finnish commandeered vehicles, as earlier in the war they generally kept their civilian/commercial liveries.

I hate trying to work out what colours were from black and white photos. I'd love to do this camo on my truck but have no idea what colours it might be. (And as these patterns seem to have been an ad hoc unit embellishment there is no record of what they might have been.)

And that's it for this month.


  1. Hi! My understanding of Finnish camo is that pre mid 1941 the Finnish field grey (which actually is quite green) was used on all military equipment needing a repaint, after this the Finnish 3 color camo scheme was introduced for artillery pieces and probably also for accompanying softskins. This was finally extended to armoured vehicles in spring 1943. The tricky parts is that the brown and green of the camo scheme is more or less indistinguishable in b/w photos. Also the habit of only repainting vehicles in need of a paint job adds to the confusion.
    But it is still clearer to me than German vehicles in southern Russia in 1942, what a mess!

    1. As someone said to me in a forum about this issue 'if only we had a time machine'! ...A bit of a scary thought!