Sunday, 8 November 2015

Minairons 1937 Chevrolet 1.5ton truck - part 2

Actually I am right in the middle of another model build at the moment but could not resist peeking into the Minairons Chevy kit box. A glance at the number of parts plus mulling over the exceedingly simple instructions led me to wonder just how long it would take to put this kit together?

Source: Minairons
It may look simple but looks can be deceptive. On closer inspection - and a test fitting of all the parts - I quickly realised that this job might be a tiny bit more involved than it first appeared...

The fit is somewhat 'vague' - not that I could be too critical as Minairons specialise in niche models in resin and puter, they are not a large-scale plastic-injection manufacturer. You have to be aware that what you are getting is meant for a select community of enthusasts who are willing to overlook certain deficiencies in the model construction. So it's a case of caveat emptor! ('Let the buyer beware!')

Source: Minairons
The kit will go together quickly but in order to get the most ot of your purchase you have to be ready to put the extra time in...

Some components  will need a little more than a quick sanding to get them to fit properly. Take the above photo of the profile of the model's chassis - I had to immerse this in hot water to get it straight.

Another more trivial characteristic of the Minairons models are the surface textures that appear on some of the components. I believe this may be because they use 3D printing to generate some of the master parts (which is how they can resize their model designs for vaious different scales)...

No, not a finger print! This pattern - I believe - is the tell tale sight of 3D printing.
There's noting a bit of sanding or filling can't repair but it kinda negates the whole 'quick build' aspect of the kits!

But hey! I'm not dispondent. This is such a cool little vehicle that I'm still happy to have it...Now, where's my modelling putty? :)

Next: I begin at the beginning...The cab. Let's see how that goes together!

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