Monday, 16 November 2015

Minairons 1937 Chevrolet 1.5ton truck - part 5

Moving from the cab to the rear of the truck, there is some tidying up work to do to ensure a good fit and a level assembly. As I showed in an earlier post, the Minairons truck chassis was quite distorted and had to be straightened out by immersing the resin part in hot water. This softened the resin and I was able to straighten the flatbed base out again.

Additionally, I have had to do a fair bit of sanding to get the cargo flatbed to fit on the base...

I personally thought that the cargo flatbed and its tilt cover sat a little too high, making the vehicle quite tall. So I have sanded down the plinth on which the flatbed sits on the chassis to lower the profile of the truck and level up the bed at the same time.

By the way, the masking tape is there to ensure that none of the fine resin powder that is coming off as I sand gets inside the completed cab and settles on the inside of the windscreens I have installed!

With the flatbed low and level, it's time to look at the tilt canvas. I won't glue the flatbed in place yet as I want to apply the primer and base paint coats before I attach everything together.

The two-part flatbed and tilt cover went together with some minor sanding. It's not the greatest model of a canvas cover, with few fold or wrinkles, but the hint of the 3D printing texture does inadvertently add a little character to it.

The wheels are acceptable but don't have any tread on the tyres. The axels are just two strips of resin and there is hardly any detail on the underneath of the truck - no suspension or drive shaft, etc.

And that's all there is to it! You can see why it's a handy kit for war gamers - no fiddling about with intricate detail that won't be seen or of interest to a game player.

But yet the model has its own charm and I reckon could be upgraded to something a little more detailed without too much effort. I've opted to build it as is (for once)!

Next: Onto the painting.

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