Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Driving me mad!

I think I mentioned my surprise that so many model trucks come without driver figures? I know I have done a few resin conversions but even so I am getting a bit fed up scrambling about for figures I can use as drivers.

And so...I had a look around the tin'ternet and I was surprised there weren't more generic driver figure sets in 1/72. And what I did find were quite pricey. But I eventually scored a 'hit' with Google and found some reasonably priced white metal figures at Sands Models...

As I am in the wife's good books at the moment I went ahead and ordered them (despite being slightly over budget this month already). They are priced individually at 50p each, and for that you get a body with a choice of head. I went for 10 male figures with bare heads (there are a variety of heads with different hats and helmets available).

A nice touch is the inclusion of a number of steering wheels, very handy. Some of the models need a hair cut, unless I got some of the female heads that Sands Models also do by accident!

The bodies are a nice mix. These include torsos with integral steering wheel and some without. Again this is a very nice option as sometimes the cabs are a very tight fit, or the model might come with it's own steering wheel fitted.

Obviously, it's very hard to get a fair idea of the quality of these figures as white metal does not photograph well. But you get what you pay for, these aren't highly detailed, finely sculpted resin display quality scults - they are, however very useful scale figures at a very reasonable price. Ideal for me as I have a lot of vehicles without drivers.

It will be interesting to see one of these painted up, and I will be doing that soon as I have another truck kit in the cue for my workbench whish doesn't come with one included.

Link to Sands Models Generic Driver Figure.

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