Saturday, 28 June 2014

PST ZIS-6 Truck - Weathering experiment

Right from the start I knew I wanted my ZIS-6 to be a heavily weathered example. My thinking is that as this truck would have been a vehicle that was captured from the Soviets by the Finns it probably had already seen it's fair share of use and abuse from both it's owners!

So I am going to experiment a bit here - this could be bad news - what I am thinking is building up several layers of discolouration, chipping, flaking, dirt and grim and finally dust (and in amongst this somewhere I will be pin-washing and highlighting as well)!

Let's begin...First stage - 'discolouration'.

What I have done here is to apply some dabbs and and streaks of a slightly darker green - Vallejo's German Field Grey (830) - to stain the base coat (Humbrol's Light Olive). This is intended as a pre-chipping base BUT...

I will also be dulling and discolouring the overall tone (modulating?) by dusting the bodywork from the edges in with some black conte crayon dust! That's next...Finger's crossed.


Just a little addendum...
In thinking about how I would like to weather this truck I did have something in the back of my mind - does anyone else Pa Walton's truck?

Picture source:
Funnily enough I had the impression that this 1929 Ford Model AA from the old TV series - 'The Waltons' (1972-1981) - a lot more battered up than this, but still you get the idea. Incidentally, this model of Ford was the basis for the Soviet GAZ AA truck (made under licence), so even when World War 2 started this was already quite an old design.

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