Thursday, 19 June 2014

Star Fort 20mm MDF Laser-cut European Cottage

While writing my review of Star Fort's 'Cafe de Normandie' I realised - going back through my photos - that I hadn't posted up last month's purchase of their 'European Cottage'. So, let's rectify that!

Now, I won't do a full blown review of this product because - essentially - it's a pristine version of their 'Ruined Cottage' which I did review. Obviously, the 'war damaged' sections present in the 'ruined' cottage are replaced with complete and unbroken sections.

Photo source: Star Fort Miniatures.
Aside from showing what the undamage building looks like the accompanying photos demonstrate some of the colour scheme options that Star Fort gives you when you order one of these cottages. I opted for an ivory structure with light grey roof and the exterior furnishings came in a pleasant sage green.

So, by mixing and matching the colour combinations, you could put together a little row of cottages - or spread them throughout your 'village' - without it seeming too lacking in variety.

Naturally, like all Star Fort model buildings, the main feature is the ability to break the structure down so you can easily transport the model (as presumably you will have a few) and access the interior to place your infantry. The tab and slot system used to hold the various parts together also allows you to quickly remove a roof section or a floor facilitating defensive cover for your troops or even house-to-house operations!

There's plenty of room in this little building for a Bolt Action squad, and the provision of windows on all sides of the cottage means you practically have 360 degree coverage (there's also a front and back door on the ground floor).

There's very little wrong with this model at all as it does very much what it sets out to do. It's easy to put up, easy to take down and is very pretty to boot.

Do I have any criticisms? I suppose I could say that, like Star Fort's other model buildings, there isn't any proper staircase included - just a hole in the first floor to indicate where one might be (in theory). But if that really bothers you do what I will be doing and make a little set of ladders!

Otherwise, and remember I am being a stickler here, the lean-to roof (on the little side extension) is not entirely well thought out in it's design. It just sort of hangs there freely and does tend to slide off if the cottage is knocked. I would have preferred and an extra little tab or rail that you could fit to the underside of the small roof at the bottom to prevent it from sliding off.

But really, it's a lovely little piece of scenery and there isn't much else like it in 20mm - the main competitor for Star Fort's offering being the very expensive 4Ground offerings. At £14.99 and with the colour choices on offer this is a wonderful little buy.

Link to Star Fort's official web site and online store:
- Please note: This site is brand new and still under construction, therefore you might be as well contacting Star Fort by email and asking about availability until their online store is fully populated.

Star Fort email: | Telephone (UK): 078580231362

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  1. Great review as always. The only thing to remember is when placing the chimney is to place it in the center or the roof, as logically it wouldn't work on either side due to the windows on the side of the building.

    1. Do you know, I never even thought of that! Now you mention it it's so obvious! :)

      Thanks for that tip! (It will involve having to fill-in the small slots in the roof that fix the chimney to the roof.)