Tuesday, 24 June 2014

German Squad B - Batch 1 Finals

I got the first batch of my Command and Squad B Bolt Action Germans varnished last night. As hoped a final light spray of matt varnish just took the glossy shine off the figures that was caused by the use of inks.

The Command Group consists of the First (or 2nd) Lieutenant and two 'body guard' riflemen. The first batch of Squad B (my second infantry squad) has an NCO (with SMG), a rifleman and a rifleman with Panzerfaust. The final number of infantry in Squad B will total nine men.

My Bolt Action German Command Group.
Initial batch of Squad B of my Bolt Action German infantry.
I am generally pleased with this batch of soldiers as I think I have taken my painting up a level, both in the improved brushwork and the new techniques I have employed. As I mentioned in my prior posts not everything that I tried from the 'Painting War' magazine worked, but a lot did - or at least I was able to come up with solutions based on the tutorials that worked for me.

Ironically, because I have used all my German infantry as guinea pigs, the overall quality of my first Bolt action infantry force will be something of a mixed bag. But that's why I started with the Germans first - I didn't mind them looking a bit shabby in places. (I would have hated to have made a bad job of a British unit!)

My detailing is improving - I'm rather pleased with the job I made of the
infantry kit and accessories.
Well, I just have the remaining members of Squad B to paint - using the techniques I liked so far - and then that will be my very first ever wargaming force completed. I can then go on to do one of two things next - start the opposing American infantry force OR continue on with the German theme and complete the supporting fire teams for this 'army'.

But, for the moment, I'll have a rest from the figures and get back on with my Finnish Army transport project for some variety.


  1. Stephen your painting skills have not just improved you have become a master my good sir!

  2. Who makes the command figure with the mp40 pointing in the air? excellent flesh tones!

    1. Hi there, the command officer is part Zvesda - top half - and part PSC - legs.

  3. Amazed I haven't come across this post before. These figures are wonderfully painted!
    I shall now be trawling through your earlier posts to see what I can glean.