Wednesday, 11 June 2014

German Squad B - Skin tones

A bit happier today, the painting of the soldiers' flesh tones using the Painting War guide went better than the uniforms. But generally everything seems to be sorting itself out, it's just taking so much time with this method...

The good news is I think I have finally found a formula for painting skin tones that I'm comfortable with. The trick for me was using inks rather than acrylics, they seem to blend in a softer way and the rich semi-translucent colours seem to suit the painting of flesh.

I've already started working on the equipment but still have to do the camouflage items and also the rifles. Finally there's the basing, of course, then that'll be that.


  1. Very good work.These figures are great.Extra plus for the shading!

    1. Many thanks! It's just the amount of time they are consuming - not that I'm on a deadline, but this is dragging on a bit. Hopefully I will a bit quicker with the last of teh German infantry I have to do, as I pick the techniques that I like best.

  2. Replies
    1. Cheers mate, much appreciated. Especially when I see some of teh wonderful stuff on your blog! :)

  3. I can only agree with the rest of posters. Great job!