Tuesday, 2 July 2013

MiG-15 - first base coats

The base coats go on today, is it me of are base metal paint schemes a pig to work with?

The Humbrol spray silver started going all powdery on me, leaving a grainy residue. I'll be glad when I am confident enough with my airbrush to be able to dispense with rattle cans!

The next stage was to add the red accents, I have chosen to go with a Chinese air force MiG as it has a rather snazzy colour scheme...

This process is one dominated with a lot of masking. One of the things I have found very useful for masking odd shaped models is the kitchen product 'cling film'. It wraps round objects nicely and has a certain adhesion which means you can lay it down roughly where you want it. It's great for quickly covering large areas of the model...

Obviously this is an extreme example of my mad masking technique!

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