Wednesday, 24 July 2013

ISU-122 Russian Green

Well, here's the result of my pre-shading experiment...

There are faults, but I can just see the advantage of using pre-shading IF you want a display quality model (I would not go to this effort for a war gaming kit).

Now, hopefully what you will see is a darkening of the Russian Green top coat towards the edges of panels. A sort of graduation effect with lighter green at the centre of panels.

My mistake was banging down a thick layer of spray can white during the pre-shading stage (mainly because I have a couple of cans to use up). Now that I have used an airbrush I can tell the difference between the thickness of layers that the two methods produce - for a more subtle effect I will definitely airbrush the white pre-shading in future. Hopefully I will improve in my use of this technique as I get more practised in it.

One little success was the Russian Green paint I used for the top coat. This is Vallejo's Model Air Russian Green (71017) and as you can see it has that hint of yellow about it in the highlighted areas.

Next: Flat colour detailing (pick axe handel, etc) before glossing for decals.

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