Monday, 8 July 2013

Updating links to project series - find stuff easier

Hi there, bit of an update to the way the blog works which - hopefully - will make it easier for you to find all the posts in a particular project.

From now on I will be including a 'Complete Series' link in each project post, this will lead you to a automatically updating page showing all the posts in a project. So, for example (and as requested by one of my readers) to find all of the Finnish V3000 truck project you would click on this 'Complete Series' link.

I've tried several different ways to try and index my blog as I have found it frustrating when I find a post in other blogs that are obviously part of a series but then you can't find the other instalments  SO I hope you will find this helpful.

On my 'Blog Index' page I will also start to use this system (instead of the - frankly - confusing 'Part 1 Part 2...' system I have been using.

(Big thank you to Neil - of the excellent Braillebuilder blog - for bringing this issue to my attention.)



  1. Now this is a good idea Stephen!

  2. Hi Steve

    the Complete Series link is excellent. Thanks for making it easy to catch up on the whole story. Again it looks like you are working a real "silk purse" out of lesser parts.


  3. Hello chaps! Thanks...I'm going to slowly work through my archive of posts adding this style of series link so that - eventually - all post series will be inter-connected. I have to admit that this is helpful for me too as I often want to look back through specific posts to see how I did something or where I left off a project!