Tuesday, 23 July 2013

ISU-122 pre-shaded

Before spraying the pre-shading layer I did some very quick masking using BluTack...

I remain somewhat skeptical about the worth of the technique at 1/72 - I think there may be other ways to achieve tonal variations - but let's see shall we?

I didn't see the point at putting a lot of care into the white layer, just so long as there was clear differentiation between the panel highlights and the black edges. This is just a proof of concept - if the general theory shows promise I will take greater care in future use of the technique...

Ready to go! And now an even greater challenge - my very first use of my 'new' airbrush!

...Fingers crossed! (My next post may either be a embarrassing record of failure or, hopefully, an interesting example of new technique learned!)

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