Monday, 15 July 2013

World of Warplanes released (Open Beta)

I guess this computer game counts as 'inspiration'! And although you could say with some justification it's a bit off-topic for a kit blog it's worth looking at if only for some of the rather more obscure aircraft it features...

Typical of World of Warplanes' love f the obscure - this German 1930s era
AO 192 only ever existed as a production run of six aircraft and they were
transport aircraft. In this game it's cast in the 'what if?' role as a primitive
heavy fighter!
This is a Multi-player on-line combat 'sim' (I use the word 'sim' but it's a little more 'arcady' than 'simmy') that brings together players from around the world for a spot of no holds barred air combat.

As I said, one of the attractions with the game is getting to play some rarer aircraft, some of which only saw the light of day on the drawing board or as prototypes. But this taps in to the popular interest in semi-speculative themes like 'Luftwaffe 1946' and such like 'what if' scenarios. And I like it!

The game is hardly realistic in it's flight physics or sophistication but it's fun, and that's something that's missing in a lot of computer games these days.

My current mount, the diminutive Soviet  Polikarpov I-5


  1. I really enjoy World of Tanks...might branch out into this one too.

  2. Is this from the creators of World of Tanks? Or is it from someone who thought they Should combine World of Tanks with War Thunder?