Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Pegasus 1/72 ISU-122 assembley

The model with which I shall be experimenting with my airbrush is just about ready. The Pegasus ISU-122 is the ideal canvas for my experiments, as it's cheap and has lots of nice big surfaces on which to practice my spraying techniques.

There aren't a lot of major components - here I have assembled the major parts ready to for final assembly. Some of the smaller parts - like the MG and the fuel drums - will not be attached until the basic painting has been done...

My intention is to practise a panel shading technique where I start with a basic black coat and then spray a white highlight in the centre of the panel. When I spray the Russian Green over this in thin layers I should be able to discern a variation in tone from the undercoats. Well, that's the theory anyway!

I'm building this one pretty much 'out of the box' as it's just for experimentation, but I did scratch build the little hand rails around the upper hull. I dry assembled everything - as you can see - just to check fit and see if there were any noticeable gaps, as it turns out everything fits reasonably.

Next: Black undercoat and white panel shading.

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