Sunday, 29 April 2012

Sunday Sci-fi - Voyages Extraordinaires

While my blog has a strong emphasis - thus far - on World War 2 subjects I am not exclusively interested in just that theme. In fact, ever since I began modelling again last year I have had an idea in the back of my mind that I would like to include my interest in the SteamPunk genre of Sci-Fi in my modelling somehow.

So every so often I will be including a post about Science Fiction modelling and gaming based on an alternative Victorian fantasy universe. At the moment I am starting to track down just what there is out there to support this aspect of the hobby - today I take a look at Wessex Games Voyages Extraordinaires for 28mm (1/56) figures.
"Written by Matthew Hartley, Steve Blease and Mike Baumann, Voyages Extraordinaires is a simple game to play, with the emphasis on the players having a good time, rather than becoming bogged down in rules minutea. Whereas other Victorian Adventure Games games have tended to concentrate on the more recognised military aspects of the period, Voyages Extraordinaires is geared more towards adventuring, through the use of our unique turn sequence and archtype character profiles." Wessex Games
Wessex Games does produce a small set of figures to go with the ruleset, but I am sure there are many more manufacturers out there who cover the SteamPunk genre in this scale. That said, what they do is very nice indeed...

FOLLOW UP: Well it didn't take long to find several miniature makers who produce figures suitable for this team. Foundry (who seem to do everything!) of course have a terrific range of 'Victorian' figures that could easily fit in to a Steampunk senario. They have a nice set of Jolly Jack Tars who would complement the above Wessex figures, the ideal crew for a airship or venture into space!

There doesn't seem to be a lack of interest in this subject and I am finding new miniature companies and online retailers for these type of figures all the time. I guess what I am looking forward to is creating my own fantastic machines to go with these.

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