Tuesday, 17 April 2012

The scale in scale modelling

Just a wee post, an observation about scale really. Not scale as in 1/72 or 20mm or whatever, mind you, but of sheer scale - as the visit to Mr. Bob's Aladdin's cave of models on Sunday highlighted how my noob worries over getting just a couple of models completed pales into significance when compared to the feats of the serious war gamer.

Take my Plastic Soldier Company T-34/85s. I've been thinking that I am stepping up my game by doing two models at the same time, well I was looking at the blog '20mm and then some...' and realised what the 'then some' really meant. The very (sickeningly) talented Gunbird, owner of the blog is currently working on these...

These represent four boxes of PSC's T-34/76/85 set (with, apparently a fifth box on order), so my modest project looks a bit pitiful in comparison. This issue of sheer scale in modelling production was something that struck me when I saw Bob's collection on Sunday and is a little scary when you are still struggling to complete individual kits.

What's quite irksome for a newbie like me is that having seen a few of Gunbird's projects now I have a sneaking suspicion he will have all of these T-34s finished in the same time that it will take me to do my two models!

On a more positive note, it's interesting to see - when you examine the photo closely - that Gunbird is doing some of the very same improvements to his PSC T-34s that I have done on mine (notably the addition of the brass wire grab rails and fender modifications). So I may be slow, but at least I seem to be going in the right direction!

Link to Gunbird's blog post - GMG Weekend: Kursk

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