Friday, 6 April 2012

New arrivals - Aleran decals for Soviet & Axis AFVs

As my collection of unfinished models piles up I thought it best if I make a concerted effort to clear the backlog of partially complete projects. It's not that I get bored half way through making them, it's just that sometimes they hit a speed bump where I need a particular item to finish them. So I was pleased that a couple of sheets of Aleran decals arrived while I was on holiday.

There are two sheets which will allow me to put the finishing touches to my Pegasus KV-1 & KV-2  project. One is Aleran's Axis AFV Markings for Finland, Bulgaria, Slovakia & Croatia (AX02-D) and the other is their Soviet Markings for T28, T35, KV1, T60, SU76, BA10, BA64 & SU57 (SU03-D), both acquired from Millicast at a cost of £6.95 each.

As usual the service from Millicast was exemplary and very personal (with the usual friendly hand written note on the complimentary slip). I really can't recommend this online retailer highly enough.

The decals provide me the hakenkreuz for my Finnish KV-1 1940 'Ekranami' - or Model 'E' - and a nice bold hand painted Soviet slogan for the turret of my KV-2 behemoth. I have used Aleran decals before and they are superb quality and there are enough on each sheet to make several models of varying types.

Link: The Millicast Moodel Company (fine resin 1/76 WW2 AFVs and accessories)

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