Monday, 2 April 2012

Stash addition - Armourfast 1/72 Sturmgeschütz (StuG) III

Model addition: Armourfast StuG III quick-build model in 1/72. Cost: £7.95 (for 2 in box)

Right, this is a bit of an unusual subject for me and bears some explanation. First off, as a general rule, I DON'T do WW2 German subjects - it's a little personal quirk based on my staunch anti-nazi beliefs (I won't bore you any further on this subject). However, of late - through my interest in WW2 Soviet armour - my imagination was caught by the role played by Finland during it's WInter War and it's later Continuation War against the Soviets.

Suspect friendships aside, Finland gained a lot of respect for it's steadfast defence of it's independence against an invading Soviet army, which incurred humiliating losses before a peace treaty was agreed. Later Finland entered into a marriage of convenience with the Nazis in order to conduct it's aptly named Continuation War against the Soviets. The Finnish armed forces punched well above their weight against the might of the Red Army, fighting the best that the Soviet Union had with a rag-tag inventory of beg, stollen or borrowed equipment.

Photo source: Wikipedia - 'Finnish Armoured Division'

The Sturmgeschütz (StuG) III was perhaps one of the more potent weapons in the Finn's armoury as they bought 50 plus from the Germans. This ambush tank destroyer seems to have suited both the Finnish tactics and geography as even in the late war when the Soviets brought to bear increasing numbers of more modern designs the Finns still managed to inflict a frustrating number of losses on them.

This model will join the small fleet of Finnish vehicles and artillery I have planned and - importantly - it will also give me another chance to get to grips with a multi-coloured camouflage paint pattern.

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