Thursday, 12 April 2012

Featured work - Peabody's Peashooters

Over at the Society of Gentleman Gamers, Mr. Peabody is showing off his newly completed Soviet artillery, including these wonderful Plastic Soldier Company 45mm anti-tank guns. I have just bought this set myself, which contains 3 guns and crews plus the option to barrel the guns in various lengths to represent various stages in the gun's evolution. Peabody's mini-diorama abilities are terrific and I hope my completed guns turn out half as good as these...

Peabody has two sections of AT guns here with just two differing lengths of barrel, but I think you can see just how good value the PSC set is especially as it includes nice little touches like the ammo boxes, spare 45mm shells and empty casings.

Once again I am really taken by Peabody's use of hexagonal bases for his units. It's so unusual and yet very creative and it does give slightly more space for him to be expressive with his scenics.

You can read more about this project on The Society of Gentleman Gamer's forum: Airfix Bofors and PSC Russian Guns by peabody

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