Monday, 9 April 2012

Holiday modelling with Soviet tanks

Funny...I didn't get as much model making done over my holiday as I thought I would. So it was small steps forward with the Pegasus KV quick build set and two of my Plastic Soldier Company T-34/85s.

The PSC T-34/85 needed some work to bring up up to scratch. The dreadful gun and mantlet needed a lot of attention, in fact I replaced the monstrous one that came with the kit with a couple of spares I had in my scrap box. Aside from this I added some cosmetic extras, like the grab rails and am modifying the fenders to reflect the Finnish tanks I am basing these models on.

Next up is the Pegasus KV set. I added the Aleran decals and although they aren't exactly plastered with insignia maybe less is more...

I based the placement of the Finnish hakenkreuz (left) on a period photo and there didn't appear to be either any unit or individual vehicle markings. The Soviet KV-2 (right) is rather more dashing with it's slogan which I believe means "Crush the Fascist vipers!".

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