Sunday, 26 February 2012

SU-122M conversion - Part 2


So far so good...

I haven't gone crazy with the amount of detailing on this one - I'd still regard this as a quick build. I've just added the side rails, radio mast plug, pistol ports and improved straps around the external tanks. And, of course, there is my Mk. II tracks...

One of the other new things about this model is that I tried out the Flames of War 'War Paint' spray in  Soviet Green. I was a bit worried about it at first as the actual spray is very weak (I thought there was something wrong with the nozzle at first). But the instructions do say that it is best to give a couple of thin coats - even so I ended up giving the model three passes. Still, this didn't bother me in the end as the 'Russian Green' you get is gorgeous.

Here I comare my pristine Flames of War coated SU-122(3) with my weathered SU-85 which was base coated in Humbrol's Dark Green (No. 30) acrylic spray paint...

It's all a matter of taste (and do bear in mind I have yet to weather the SU-122M, which will tone it down) but this is the very green 'Russian Green' I have been after - which is very distinct to either the American Olive Drab or the deep British Bronze Green.

Well, that's it for now on to the pin-washing (no decals on this one) and the weathering of the tracks. On this, you will notice I have base coated the tracks black - this is a tip I got from some tutorial site or other.


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