Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Stash update - Bargain Pegasus ISU-122/152

OK, it's the last day of the month - the day before pay day - so I shouldn't be buying stuff, but I happened to be in a new local model shop and found that they were selling off the Pegasus ISU-122/152 set for just £3.99! I just couldn't resist...

Aside from the fact this is a cracking tank destroyer and the model has pretty good reviews - for a quick build -  there is also an added bonus. I've been looking for a Soviet 12.5mm heavy MG to use in the Libyan pick-up truck project I've had in the stash for ages, but if you try and buy a specialist accessory of this weapon it can cost nearly double what I paid for this whole kit! So one of the AA guns in this kit will be donated to my 'technical' project.

I'm almost tempted to buy a few more of these just for the spare parts!

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